About Us

Excellicon is a privately funded EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company established in 2009. Excellicon is focused on developing software solutions addressing timing constraints authoring, verification, and management. Excellicon patented software is designed by semiconductor professionals for semiconductor professionals with the designer point of view in mind. Excellicon is the only EDA Company with products which cover the entire spectrum of constraints development involving timing constraints authoring, compiling, verification, formal validation, and management using multi-mode approach. The company products provides a new and innovative approach to compile and generate constraints correct by construction as a direct contrast to out dated trial and error / verify approach practiced in the industry. It is simply amazing that for past decade NO EDA solution has addressed the constraints problems faced by designer on daily basis. As semiconductor engineers, designers plough through manual reviews of the timing constraints and use age-old techniques to partially verify crucial timing critical constraints used in chip place and route stage. Missed or bad constraints, will inevitably lead to chip re-spins and field failures. The recent foray of so called "Constraints" tools have proven ineffective and are, in essence, just SDC linters providing very little value while leaving the bulk of the work to the design engineers. Excellicon products are architected and developed by our team in California. Our Bangalore design team works closely with core product architects and development team to bring superior products to the market place.



Excellicon is a privately funded EDA (Electronic Design Automation) company. For information on investors and investments, please contact Fia Johansson directly.


Why Excellicon - Our Value Proposition

Today design teams spend many man months on defining, refining, and maintaining timing constraints. Unfortunately it is hard to quantify the exact amount of time spent on constraints definition and refinement as the process is fragmented and spread throughout the design cycle. Constraints development process is for the most part unquantified for many managers, despite the fact that majority of engineers are aware of the challenges faced every day...


Our Leading Team

Himanshu Bhatnagar - CEO

Over 20 years of chip design experience, designing complex SOCs in networking, communications, imaging, among others. Himanshu's background and experience involving SOC realization resulted in publication of his book; "Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis: Using Synopsys Design Complier and Primetime" as a practical guide to synthesis and static timing analysis. Prior to Excellicon, Himanshu served as an advisory board member of several EDA companies. His experience is crucial to ensuring development of tools fit for everyday design by front and back end engineers and shaping the future direction of Excellicon.


Peter Petrov- PHD; CTO & Founder, VP Engineering
Over 18 years of academic and industry experience has led to development of breakthrough technology in constraints creation, verification and management. Peter's experience has brought a unique ability translating SOC designer requirements into effective capabilities in Excellicon products. Peter's goal is to ensure the products are developed based on user needs and perspective.


Rick Eram - Sales and Operations VP
Rick has over 20 years of hands on experience in EDA industry, designing tools and directly involved in development and management of engineering teams as well as managing sales and marketing campaigns. Rick's work was instrumental in 2 IPO's with Analogy and Magma. During his tenure at Atrenta he developed marketing strategy adopted compnay wide. Many of his strategic initiative were later adopted and implemented company wide. Rick has extensive background in development of efficient and effective teams addressing customer needs on business and technical fronts.





Excellicon also has a team of experienced chip design and EDA veterans with many years of experience contributing to various aspects of product development as well as consulting with design teams on their needs and requirements.