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Welcome to Excellicon
Timing Closure... Done Once! Done Right!

Excellicon provides Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software tools targeted at solving complex problems associated with timing closure of multimillion gates SOC designs. SOC design involves correct construction of a set of functionalities and associated timings. Excellicon software based on patented technology enables designers to compile, manage, verify, analyze, and propagate timing information from start to the end of SOC design cycle all in a simple to use intuitive environment.

Our belief is that through a systematic approach to timing constraints development, the entire development schedule can be more predictable and better optimized for faster, more efficient product delivery.

Excellicon Advantage
Solving Timing Closure Complextity...

Next-generation constraints development technology employing patented formal based technology which provides capability to seamlessly generate correct timing constraints, as well as tools to verify existing timing constraints for accuracy and correctness.

Using Excellicon products, all the SoC modes can be detected automatically, eliminating months of iterations. All timing constraints data is maintained in a single portable and traceable database. Maintaining continuity between early design development and implementation thus ensuring design intent convergence, while focusing on power and area savings. What you simulate is What you implement.

Can you guarantee correctness of the constraints on your most recent SOC?

We guarantee constraints generation for the entire chip and/or any layer of hierarchy for any mode, in one day or less... This is the Excellicon Challenge!


Problems We Solve...

More than 70% of the SOC designs are delayed and some 25% of the micro-chips fail, due to timing constraints problems, yet there is no comprehensive commercially available constraints solution; until today. Today design teams spend many man months on defining, refining, and maintaining timing constraints. At the same time the timing information which has historically not been utilized at the intial design coding stage is crucial for analysis of many downstream tools used by designers.

Unfortunately it is hard to quantify the exact amount of time spent on constraints definition and preparing and data refinement for analysis as well as downstream setup process. The process is fragmented and spread throughout the design cycle costing many man weeks of manual effort .

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April 2, 2014 - Excellicon announces acquisition of its products by Brite Semiconductor ...

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February 2014 - A user evaluation report from DeepChip

September 2013 - Excellicon is now member of ARM Connected partner program

September 2013 - John Cooley's DAC respondents pick Excellicon as one of the top tools showcased at Design Automation Conference

June 2013 - Excellicon at DAC introducing ConCert and ConSTAR

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October 2012 - Visit Excellicon at SOC Conference

August 2012 - Excellicon establishes distribution channels in France, Japan, Korea, Israel

July 2012 - Excellicon is now part of Harmony program to provide integrated solutions with Springsoft products such as Verdi

June 2012 - Excellicon announces release of ConCert (Constraints Certify) tool

June 2012 - Excellicon unveils new products at 49th DAC in San Francisco

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March 2011 - One user's first eval of Excellicon's Constraints Manager